Your Personal Training Account Manager

We’re here to make booking training courses easy. Companies trust Easybook Training to be their corporate training partner and help manage employee safety training. If you have 10 or more employees, we’ll provide you with your own personal account manager to make it even easier to find and book the courses you need anywhere in the U.S. Our experienced account managers are here to answer any questions and provide assistance with:With 10 or more employees, you'll have your own account manager with Easybook Training

  • Course searches
  • Course scheduling
  • Transfers or cancelations
  • General support

Let us show you why companies across the U.S. count on Easybook Training as their trusted resource for finding and booking their safety training.

  • No consulting costs…No booking fees…No course mark-ups…No other added expenses
  • You only pay for the cost of your course. Nothing more.

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