Fall Protection Awareness Training Course


The Fall Protection Awareness Training Course is designed for those who work around fall hazards on construction sites. 

During this safety class, new or experienced students will learn about safe working practices and legislation governing fall protection as well as equipment inspection.


Students who successfully complete this training course will be confident in identifying fall hazards in the workplace and know when fall protection is required.


The Fall Protection Awareness Training Course covers:

  • How to recognize fall hazards
  • Correct any unsafe conditions
  • Fall protection and restraints
  • Protection plans and procedures
  • Rescue plans and procedures
  • Equipment selection and inspection


Classroom demonstrations and hands-on workshops are used to demonstrate key topics. Successful students will be awarded with a completion certificate.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who may be exposed to fall hazards, particularly individuals who work at height.

Suggested Progression

Fall Protection Training Course

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