Fall Protection Training Course


The Fall Protection training class is designed for workers who may be exposed to fall hazards and provides students with the knowledge and information to recognize fall hazards as well as steps necessary to avoid them.

Students will learn about OSHA regulations covering fall protection, proper selection and maintenance of fall protection devices and when they are required.


Students who successfully complete this training class will gain the knowledge and skills to identify major fall hazards in the workplace and know how to protect themselves and others.


The Fall Protection Training Class topics includes:

  • Fall hazard identification, mitigation and avoidance
  • Regulations and standards
  • Fall protection vs fall prevention
  • Equipment inspection, care and maintenance
  • Proper methods for donning equipment


Classroom demonstrations and hands-on practice are used to demonstrate key topics, including the type of equipment used.

Successful students will be awarded with a completion certificate that is valid for three years.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who may be exposed to fall hazards.

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