Fast Rescue Boat Training Course


This 3-day Fast Rescue Boat course is designed to provide instruction to those charged with leading a Fast Boat Rescue. Students will be provided instruction in the operation, maintenance, and navigation of their craft as well as patrol techniques.


Following the completion of this training course, successful students will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary to take charge of a Fast Rescue Boat operation from the launch of the craft to its recovery following the operation.


This Fast Boat Rescue Course will cover the following topics:

  • Leading the boat and operation from time of launch through to recovery
  • Water rescue and recovery
  • Life support and care
  • Vessel operation and maintenance
  • Onboard equipment
  • Vessel stability


Successful students will be required to complete a 50-question written test with a minimum passing score of 70% and a practical test to demonstrate proficiency in the instruction provided in order to receive the certificate of completion.  

Who Should Attend?

Anyone responsible for operating a Fast Rescue Boat

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